TurboWarp Desktop

Create games, animations, and stories with the better version of Scratch with dark mode, addons, a compiler, and a lot more. Now available as an app for any desktop computer. TurboWarp is not affiliated with the Scratch Team.

To update, download and run the new installer.

To update, download the new app and replace the old one.

If you installed TurboWarp Desktop from an app store or package manager, download the update from there. Otherwise, manually reinstall the app the same way you installed it.

To update, reinstall the app the same way you installed it.

Get it from


Download installer for Windows (64-bit)

If a Windows SmartScreen alert appears, click "More info" then "Run anyways".

Download for macOS (Universal)
Read Linux installation instructions
Unknown operating system
Project pictured: Full Sphere Path Tracer by piano_miles



By compiling projects to JavaScript, they run 10-100x faster than in Scratch.

Lighter than Scratch

Uses significantly less memory and idle CPU usage than Scratch.

Dark mode

Your eyes will thank you.

60 FPS

Replace Scratch's default 30 FPS with any framerate of your choosing or use interpolation.


Built in packager to convert projects to HTML files, zip files, or applications for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Custom stage size

Change Scratch's default 480x360 stage to any size you like.


Includes new extensions such as gamepad and stretch, and supports loading custom extensions.

Remove limits

Remove almost any of Scratch's arbitrary limits, including the 300 clone limit.


Put scripts, costumes, sounds, or entire sprites into the backpack to re-use them later.

Tools for developers

Searchable dropdowns, find bar, jump to block definition, folders, block switching, and more.

Tools for artists

Full support for transparency, an improved costume editor, onion skinning, and more.

Cat blocks

Enable the cat blocks addon to get cute cat blocks any day of the year.

And a lot more.


v1.7.1 (January 24 2023)

  • Added support for unsandboxed extensions from extensions.turbowarp.org
  • The desktop app includes an offline copy of extensions.turbowarp.org
  • Custom extensions will now be automatically loaded when you open a project made with recent versions of TurboWarp (a confirmation prompt appears for third-party extensions)
  • Project saving now uses significantly less memory
  • The old button to open the packager in the "?" menu has been moved; use the button in the "File" menu instead. The old button has mentioned the new location for a while. This matches the web app.
  • Added "Rename broadcasts" addon (enabled by default)
  • Added "Collapsing sprite properties" addon
  • Added "Costume editor snapping" addon
  • Added "Project volume slider" addon
  • Added "Always show number pad" addon
  • Added a few more switches to the "Block switching" addon
  • Checkboxes in the toolbox are now dark in dark mode
  • Allow creating monitors for mouse down, mouse x, mouse y, and days since 2000
  • Fixed crash in costume editor using transparent colors with bitmap line tool
  • Fixed costume editor color picker ignoring transparency
  • Fixed some keyboard shortcuts not working when caps lock is enabled
  • Fixed many other bugs
  • Windows: Support for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 may be removed in a future update
  • macOS: Our app is now notarized by Apple

v1.6.1 (October 7 2022)

  • Fixed features that access your microphone or camera
  • Fixed addon settings import not importing some color options

v1.6.0 (October 2 2022)

  • New addon: Pick colors from stage (enabled by default)
  • New addon: Zebra striping
  • Bitmap costume editor now supports transparency
  • SVGs exported by TurboWarp and imported to TurboWarp won't be re-centered unnecessarily
  • Sound editor now shows a sound's size, whether it's stereo or not, and its sample rate
  • Maximum SVG size has been reverted to the same as Scratch due to too many crashes
  • Added option to clone counter to only show icon
  • Added "Turbo Robot" sprite to builtin libraries
  • Added option to customizable new sprite position to apply to duplicated sprites
  • Fixed "Saving project..." text disappearing before the project was actually saved
  • Fixed save location still being updated if you cancel the confirmation to replace existing project
  • Fixed unnecessary memory use when saving files
  • Fixed loading some projects with many bitmap costumes
  • Fixed block cherry picking breaking on certain blocks
  • Fixed tangent block reporting slightly incorrect values in the compiler
  • Fixed display stage on left side and two-column category menu compatibility bugs
  • Fixed developer tools dark mode issue
  • Fixed auto-hiding block palette bugs
  • Fixed variable manager bugs
  • Fixed sound editor layout bugs at certain window sizes
  • Fixed some costume and sound lists having an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed color picker overlay not covering the entire page
  • Fixed some icons being unnecessarily draggable
  • Fixed loading Scratch 2 projects with unusual JSON
  • Windows: Title bar now respects your computer's dark mode preference
  • Linux: We now have a repository for Debian/Ubuntu and their derivatives
  • Updated packager: settings export and import, optimized memory use of packaged projects

v1.5.0 (July 23 2022)

  • New addon: Reverse order of project controls
  • New addon: Hide stage and sprite pane
  • Allow creating unlimited cloud variables
  • Fixed backpacking JPEG costumes
  • Fixed turbo mode stored in projects not applying properly
  • Added option to disable hidden window throttling
  • Fixed some bugs in the auto-hiding block palette addon
  • Linux: Support for 32-bit x86 has been removed
  • macOS: Fixed uncloseable packager windows if opened from a fullscreen editor window
  • Updated packager: list color, version number, macOS Electron, Scratch Link support, more

v1.4.0 (June 24 2022)

  • Moved the builtin copy of the TurboWarp Packager to the File > Package project menu
  • Added a sound duration indicator to the sound editor
  • Added partial support for the "Threads" tab in the debugger addon, including single stepping
  • Fixed high CPU usage when project is paused
  • Increased maximum resolution of large vector costumes
  • Updated backpacked item previews to support transparency
  • Updated dark mode with improved inputs, improved scrollbars, and support for the debugger and gamepad addons
  • Fixed developer tools find bar covering up controls in certain conditions
  • Fixed variable manager causing crashes when variables are too large
  • Improved style of many modals and prompts to be more cohesive
  • Fixed block context menus immediately selecting item and closing after being opened on some systems
  • Fixed interface allowing invalid framerates and invalid stage sizes
  • Fixed custom extensions being able to corrupt projects if they return unexpected values
  • Fixed custom extension error handling
  • Fixed various other bugs
  • Linux: Support for 32-bit x86 systems will be removed in v1.5.0 (32-bit ARM is not affected)
  • Linux: Added support for Linux on Apple Silicon
  • macOS: Reduced app startup time
  • Added donation links
  • Updated packager: adds support for "☁ room id" special cloud behavior

v1.3.1 (May 18 2022)

  • Fixed crash on some Linux systems
  • Gamepad addon now supports buttons other than the left button and is compatible with pointerlock in the packager
  • Updated packager: relicensed to Apache 2.0 from LGPL3.0 for fewer restrictions, added "☁ set clipboard" and "☁ pasted" support to special cloud behaviors
  • Various other bug fixes

v1.3.0 (May 3 2022)

  • New addon: Customizable default costume editor colors
  • The app now registers itself as a file handler for .sb and sb2 files in addition to .sb3
  • Optimized comparison blocks
  • Fixed more crashes on app startup on some systems

v1.2.2 (April 13 2022)

  • Fixed mouse actions in gamepad support addon in packager
  • Fixed blocks like "insert x at any of list" to insert at a random location

v1.2.1 (April 10 2022)

  • All windows now have proper language hints, fixes CJK characters looking weird in some windows
  • Added error message when any child process dies unexpectedly, not just renderer processes

v1.2.0 (April 9 2022)

  • Added option to configure which microphone and camera the app should use
  • Added option to disable hardware acceleration
  • Fixed stage size stored in projects
  • Reduced costume editor flicker when switching costumes
  • Added text inputs to costume editor color components
  • Fixed monitor position after resizing stage
  • Fixed vertical centering of variable monitor values in certain conditions
  • Fixed lines between tiled stamps when high quality pen is enabled
  • Reduced lag related to folders addon

Older release notes are available on GitHub.

Install on Windows

Get it from the Microsoft Store to enable automatic updates.

Get it from

Or download an installer. If a Windows SmartScreen alert appears, click "More info" then "Run anyways".

Install on macOS

Drag TurboWarp into Applications. If it tells you that TurboWarp already exists, choose "Replace".

Download for macOS (Universal)

Install on Linux

Try searching for "TurboWarp" in your distribution's software manager and choose the first option that appears. If it doesn't appear or if you're an advanced user, choose one of these installation methods:

Debian, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi OS, Linux Mint

Install our repository to receive updates through apt by running these commands:

wget https://desktop.turbowarp.org/release-signing-key.gpg -qO- | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/turbowarp.gpg > /dev/null
echo "deb [arch=$(dpkg --print-architecture) signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/turbowarp.gpg] https://releases.turbowarp.org/deb stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/turbowarp.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install turbowarp-desktop

Or manually install the .deb (won't add apt repository):

Arch User Repository

For Arch Linux systems, we recommend the official AUR package: turbowarp-desktop-bin


We maintain an official Flatpak version on Flathub: org.turbowarp.TurboWarp

Known issues and workarounds

Gamepads will not work in the Flatpak version.

By default, the app may be limited to only accessing projects in your home directory. To allow accessing other folders, run this command:

flatpak override org.turbowarp.TurboWarp --filesystem=/path/to/folder/

Snap Store

We maintain an official snap version: turbowarp-desktop

Known issues and workarounds

By default, the snap version can't access your camera, microphone, gamepads, or removable drives. To fix this, run these commands:

snap connect turbowarp-desktop:camera
snap connect turbowarp-desktop:audio-record
snap connect turbowarp-desktop:joystick
snap connect turbowarp-desktop:removable-media

By default, the snap version can't be set as the file opener for sb3, sb2, or sb files without interfering with other file types. To fix this, run these commands:

wget https://desktop.turbowarp.org/snap-mime.xml -qO- | sudo tee /usr/share/mime/packages/turbowarp-desktop-snap.xml > /dev/null
sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime