TurboWarp Desktop

Use TurboWarp, the Scratch mod with a compiler, dark mode, addons, and more, from an app on your desktop. It even works when you're offline.

TurboWarp is not affiliated with Scratch, the Scratch Team, or the Scratch Foundation.

What's new in v1.3.1

  • Fixed crash on some Linux systems
  • Gamepad addon now supports buttons other than the left button and is compatible with pointerlock in the packager
  • Updated packager: relicensed to Apache 2.0 from LGPL3.0 for fewer restrictions, added "☁ set clipboard" and "☁ pasted" support to special cloud behaviors
  • Various other bug fixes

What's new in v1.3.0

  • New addon: Customizable default costume editor colors
  • The app now registers itself as a file handler for .sb and sb2 files in addition to .sb3
  • Optimized comparison blocks
  • Fixed more crashes on app startup on some systems

What's new in v1.2.2

  • Fixed mouse actions in gamepad support addon in packager
  • Fixed blocks like "insert x at any of list" to insert at a random location

What's new in v1.2.1

  • All windows now have proper language hints, fixes CJK characters looking weird in some windows
  • Added error message when any child process dies unexpectedly, not just renderer processes

What's new in v1.2.0

  • Added option to configure which microphone and camera the app should use
  • Added option to disable hardware acceleration
  • Fixed stage size stored in projects
  • Reduced costume editor flicker when switching costumes
  • Added text inputs to costume editor color components
  • Fixed monitor position after resizing stage
  • Fixed vertical centering of variable monitor values in certain conditions
  • Fixed lines between tiled stamps when high quality pen is enabled
  • Reduced lag related to folders addon

Older release notes available on GitHub.

To update, download and run the new installer below.

To update, download and install the new app below.

If you installed TurboWarp Desktop from an app store or package manager such as the Snap Store, wait until the update is pushed to the store. Otherwise, run the new installer below.

If a Windows SmartScreen alert appears, click "More info" then "Run anyways".

If a Gatekeeper prompt appears, open Finder, navigate to Applications, right click TurboWarp and select "Open" and then "Open" again.

On most Linux distributions, the recommended way to install TurboWarp is to search for "TurboWarp" in your distribution's software manager and choose the first option that appears.

If you're an advanced user or if it doesn't appear, more choices are available:

Snap Store

We maintain an official snap version: turbowarp-desktop

Known issues and workarounds

By default, the snap version can't access your camera, microphone, gamepads, or removable drives. To fix this, run these commands:

snap connect turbowarp-desktop:camera
snap connect turbowarp-desktop:audio-record
snap connect turbowarp-desktop:joystick
snap connect turbowarp-desktop:removable-media

By default, the snap version can't be set as the file opener for sb3, sb2, or sb files without interfering with other file types. To fix this, run these commands:

sudo wget https://desktop.turbowarp.org/snap-mime.xml -O /usr/share/mime/packages/turbowarp-desktop-snap.xml
sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime


We maintain an official Flatpak version on Flathub: org.turbowarp.TurboWarp

Known issues and workarounds

Gamepads will not work in the Flatpak version.

By default, the app may be limited to only accessing projects in your home directory. To allow accessing other folders, run this command:

flatpak override org.turbowarp.TurboWarp --filesystem=/path/to/folder/


Arch User Repository

For Arch Linux systems, we recommend the official AUR package: turbowarp-desktop-bin



Then press the install button in the URL. It may take a few seconds to appear.

Project pictured: Full Sphere Path Tracer by piano_miles